domingo, 10 de mayo de 2015

POEMS CREATED BY 1st Bachillerato Students

After having worked with phonetics, English sounds and rhymes I asked my students to compose a short poem based on their favourite dish , an object animal,or a person they were really fond of .The conditions were that they had to rhyme and have a message.Some of them are even humorous and creative.
Congratulations to all of them as they did a good job!


Meat, Meat

Oh, how I do love meat!

When I see a steak,
I don't want to eat cake.
Instead of some porridge,
I prefer the sausage.
Just one thing makes me happy,
that's a steak very fatty.

Written by Jonas Ader

                                 They're often long

and also soft
but sometimes strong.
There are many kinds
where you can find
many forms and colors
that you can taste.
Written by Alba Lizandra

                                                                      LITTLE BROTHER
                     You are like a hobbit in my house

                       You are this great little mouse


       I want you to go to see the waves with me in the beaches

                       and to eat many many peaches

                             Only you are my prince
                  and I would eat you like an ice cream

                    Written by Analía Sandí

I love macarroni
the reason, I don't know
I love them with cheese
always with a lot of cheese!
Pasta in general I love to eat,
oh macarroni, oh cheese
I need your mix!
With sauce of tomato and milk
it sounds weird
but it's very tasty.
If you don't eat it,
you can understand it!
Oh macarroni, oh cheese
you make me happy
when I eat your magical mix!
written by Nuria 

Oh cheese, oh cheese
I want you for me,
when I put you inside
I'm out of my mind.
You sometimes make me obese
but I don't care about this
Oh cheese, I love you to the infinite.
Written by B.


Oh, delicious chocolate!
black,or with milk
you are the king.
I like you with me
or I´ll change you for tea.
You are delicious in the cake
because you are easy to make.
Written by Alba Ruiz

         My House
                What can I say
            to my public today?
          My house, Oh my house!
               It's like a mouse
         My elevator is very fast
               It's never the last
         My bed, Oh my bed!
              The sheets are red
        My little kitchen, Oh my kitchen!     
         It reminds me of a chicken
         Sleeping with my teddy bear
         makes me breathe fresh air
       Can I ask for anything else?
        No Inés, you have the best.
               Written by Inés Gil


Oh, sweet apple of mine

I just want you in my life

I don't care

If you are green , yellow or red.
Let me be your Snow White
Let me fall into your enchantment
I'll be enchanted to be your wife
Let me approve that challenge
So , give me a favor
Let me taste the touch of your flavour.
written by:  Laura  Vidal 


Oh delicious ice cream
your taste  makes me scream
Sometimes with strawberries
Often with chocolate or cherries
In winter for
lunch, in summer four
but always we want more.

written by: Melanie Palomino


                                           Oh, my dear !I want a cat
                                           Believe it! it's not so bad!
                                          An animal with a long tail

                                                 Might heal that big pain
                                        Don't blame me for doing that
                                         But I want a white cat .
Written by   Lucía Iñigo


Everyone loves flowers,
because they have all kinds of colours,
and there are many types of flowers.

They are fun and colourful,
beautiful and wonderful,
and they have a wonderful scent.

They can be carnations,daisies,
roses and sunflowers,
and you can find them in beautiful gardens.

Flowers are amazing!
  Written by Clara and Laura Somolinos

Oh hamburguer, hamburguer!
greasy and beautiful hamburguer
your colour is as bright as the sun
when I see you...
I can't wait to know when you decide to return
Do not leave me,hamburguer!
I know that I left you for vegetables
but forgive me, it will not happen again,come back to me , I miss you..!
 Written by Carlita Saldaña


And I felt lost
when you were gone
and let me alone.

Life became dark,
my world turned black
'cause wickness arrived.

Shadows whispered "I",
ghosts ordered "die",
my soul must say "bye".
written by vx.ia


 Emoji Dear pizza, you are my muse Emoji

Emoji and the queen of junky food. Emoji

Emoji I could be hours staring at you Emoji

Emoji because you make me fool. Emoji
                                                                                           Written by Reyes